Modern Slavery

Belgravia Group is committed to fulfilling its obligations and actively taking part in ending Modern Slavery.




In accordance with the definition under the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (‘the Act’) Belgravia Group is required to lodge an annual modern slavery statement.

Belgravia Group’s first annual statement is due by 31 December 2020.
A senior executive will take carriage and accountability for the compliance with the Act.

Belgravia Group remains committed to operating lawfully and ethically and seeks to align itself with likeminded contractors, suppliers and partners. We expect our suppliers to operate in accordance with all applicable modern slavery laws to prevent and combat.

• Human Trafficking
• Slavery
• Servitude
• Forced Labour
• Debt Bondage
• Forced Marriage
• Child Labour

The Belgravia Group acknowledges its exposure to modern slavery in a range of our business areas such as but not limited to direct overseas suppliers such as ICT equipment and retail/merchandise, overseas contract manufacturing of garments and equipment and venue-based provision of labour-intensive services such as contract cleaning.

The steps we will undertake, include:
• Train directors, officers, employees and contracting in modern slavery risks requirements
• Review Belgravia policies regarding modern slavery in our operations and supply chains
• Assessment and due diligence of potential modern slavery risks with a focus on high risk geographical locations and industries
• Review contractor, supplier and partner compliance with the Act
• Review supplier contracts for inclusion of modern slavery terms and conditions
• Enable confidential reporting of modern slavery concerns

Download a Copy of Belgravia Group Modern Slavery Statement


Download a copy of Modern Slavery Policy document

Supply Agreement Clause

Download a copy Modern Slavery Supply Agreement Clause