Our Business Units

The Belgravia Group consists of multiple Australian businesses across a range of industries, including health and fitness, leisure, tourism, property, finance and technology.

Active Communities

The Belgravia Group operates a number of specialised health and fitness brands. These operations cover both franchise, and partnerships with local community providers.

  • Belgravia Events

    Belgravia Events

    Belgravia Events provides the expertise and experience with the highest standard of event promotion, presentation and organisation. From creating to managing successful events from community level to World Championships for Governments, Councils, Sporting Federations, sponsors and event owners.

  • Belgravia Health and Fitness

    Belgravia Health and Fitness

    Belgravia Health and Fitness, the Australian leader in Fitness franchising, is passionate about creating active, healthy communities across its 47 sites nationally. Our portfolio includes Genesis Health and Fitness, Coaching Zone and Ninja Parc.

    Belgravia Health and Fitness Genesis Fitness Coaching Zone Ninja Parc
  • Belgravia Kids

    Belgravia Kids

    Belgravia Kids is on a mission to get kids active again by creating a fun environment where they can learn the fundamental movement skills of swimming and gymnastics.

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  • Belgravia Leisure

    Belgravia Leisure

    Australia’s fastest growing leisure management organisation, Belgravia Leisure aims to improve the health and wellbeing of every person who comes through the doors of its 165 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

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  • NovoFit


    Australia’s trusted provider of global fitness brands, NovoFit delivers state-of-the-art commercial fitness facilities.

    NovoFit NovoActive

Business Services

The Belgravia Group specialise in best-practice business support solutions to provide seamless integrations, and ongoing financial and growth potential for clients.

  • Belgravia Clothing Group

    Belgravia Clothing Group

    Belgravia Clothing Group, is Global leader in corporate uniforms, with a mission to design, manufacture and manage world class uniform programs. Our portfolio includes Bizwear, Option Systems and Profile.

    Belgravia Clothing Group Bizwear Option Systems Profile
  • Belgravia Finance

    Belgravia Finance

    Finance specialists, Belgravia Finance offer a number of industry solutions, including finance for vehicle and equipment, property and mortgage, franchise and business, as well as consulting services.

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  • Belgravia Pro

    Belgravia Pro

    Leaders in management services, BelgraviaPRO specialise in the operation of tourism properties, from camp grounds to large-scale tourist parks.

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  • Belgravia Properties

    Belgravia Properties

    The Belgravia Properties division had a solid background in property development. Their prime areas of expertise are residential refurbishment, residential construction, residential land subdivision and commercial land division. (Currently not active)

  • Belgravia Sports Apparel

    Belgravia Sports Apparel

    Belgravia Sports Apparel is a customised apparel supplier delivering exceptional service and results through client collaboration and experience.

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